Program Details

The Executive MBA Leadership Program emphasizes the development of leaders to foster stakeholder involvement and improve student outcomes, drawing upon the student learning, equity, success and completion agendas that are pertinent in today’s news.  The program is intentionally designed to help the EMBA cohort develop and hone a well-rounded leadership portfolio, inclusive of a systemic perspective of complex business issues, its constituencies, and context, including to:

  • Develop a shared vision and leadership throughout an organization
  • Engage both internal and external stakeholders
  • Develop strategic partnerships to meet organization and community needs
  • Integrate strategic business initiatives
  • Develop inclusive processes necessary to address complex business issues in today’s global marketplace.
  • Embed a culture of continuous improvement – informed by data
  • Develop, allocate, and manage resources


For information on programs or partnership opportunities, contact:

Dr. F. John Mathis
Vice-President and Dean of Global Graduate Business Programs
Phone:  (512) 813-2330
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