Executive MBA Cohorts

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Ask any Executive MBA leadership program alumnus what they value most from the program and they’ll mention the faculty, the coursework and the executive coaching. But undoubtedly the most important aspect of the Executive MBA leadership program is “the cohort.”

In the Executive MBA Leadership program, you’ll join a cohort of 20-30 executives, like yourself, who are on a journey of knowledge acquisition and personal leadership growth. The 18-month Executive MBA Leadership Program consists of two classes per week for 5 trimesters and ends with one-week residency at the NAU/Roueche Graduate Center Campus in Austin, TX or one of our other campus locations located across the U.S.  The relationships formed here with your cohorts (classmates), during classes, team sessions, study groups and the one week residency create a strong bond and is a very important take away from the program.

After graduating, you will rely on your cohorts (classmates)—as well as faculty —for help in applying these leadership concepts and networking for success throughout your lifetime. The cohort experience creates a rich environment for learning—and for life.

For information on programs and partnership opportunities, contact:

Dr. F. John Mathis

Vice President and Dean, Global Business Programs

Office: (512) 813-2330

Email:  emba@national.edu