Our faculty are community college leaders with decades of experience. The Roueche Graduate Center Doctor of Education in Community College Leadership Program has assembled a one-of-a-kind team of over 60 highly successful faculty members with considerable practical experience in community colleges.

Roueche Graduate Center Community College Leadership Program Faculty and Dissertation Committee Members:

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Dr. George A. Baker III, Ed. D.


Brenda Beckman


George R. Boggs, Ph. D.

Terry Calaway, president Ref#12268

Terry Calaway, Ed.D.


Donald W. Cameron, Ed. D.

Clos, K-photo

Karén Clos, Ed.D.

Derrico, D

Dan Derrico, Ed.D.

Martha Ellis 2(1)

Martha M. Ellis, Ph. D.

fifield picture(1)

Mary Fifield, Ph.D.

Fisher_Spring 2015 2

Karla Fisher, Ph.D.

John Mathis 1

F. John Mathis, Ph.D.


Margaretta B. Mathis, Ph. D.


Christine Johnson McPhail, Ed. D

Donna Jovanovich(1)

Donna Jovanovich, Ph.D.


Terry U. O’Banion, Ph. D.

Paneitz photo

Rebecca Paneitz, Ph.D.


John E. Roueche, Ph. D.

Sigler photo

Kathie Sigler, Ed.D.

Thomas, Ernest photo

Ernest L. Thomas, Ph.D.

Thomas, Noreen

Noreen Thomas, Ed.D.

troyer_jpeg 2000

Diane Troyer, Ph.D.

Voorhees photo

Richard A. Voorhees, Ph. D.

Welsh photo

Linda Welsh, Ph.D.