Academic Requirements/Calendar

Required Credits/Courses to Graduate

Courses for the Community College Leadership Program are offered on a trimester basis. Core courses are structured with three credit hours of instruction, incorporating a variety of instructional methodologies and blended-online pedagogy.  Summer residencies (held on Wednesday through Sunday, two times in the three-year program), a practicum and capstone course are offered to round out the learning experience and hone the students’ doctoral studies. Sixty credit hours are required to graduate from the Doctor of Education in Community College Leadership Program as outlined below:

    • 33 hours of core coursework, including 10 Core Courses
    • 12 hours of Research and Culmination coursework
    • 9 hours of Advanced Doctoral Practice, including:
      • 6 hours Practicum
      • 3 hours Advanced Leadership Institute
    • 6 hours Dissertation


Further information can be found within the 2015-2016 Doctoral Catalog

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