CCLP Cohort Overview

Four cohorts of Harold D. Buckingham Graduate School Doctor of Education in Community College Leadership Program (Ed. D.CCLP) are now underway.

The Leading the Legacy cohort is hosted by Johnson County Community College in Kansas. The Legacy Builders cohort is hosted by Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) in Cleveland, Ohio. The Lone Star Leadership cohort is hosted by Lone Star College System in Houston, Texas. The newest cohort is hosted by Bergen Community College in New Jersey.

More geographically-dispersed cohorts are under development as the Program’s leadership team holds information sessions with presidents, faculty, and administrators at community and technical colleges located across the country.

Please click on the image below to view a short video in which students from the first cohort talk about the program.


Cohort Student Testimonials:


Thad Russell, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dodge City Community College

"I think the true value of the community college leadership program and its ability to help me to really move forward as a leader is the advantage we get especially in a cohort situation where we really get to know each other and we can really learn from each other’s perspectives. We have a number of individuals with varying levels of leadership experience coming from different types of colleges, different roles in those different colleges, diverse backgrounds, ethnic and racial diversity, all of those things that really give us a broad multi-perspective experience that we can bounce ideas off each other."


Donna Duffey, Professor and Department Chair for the Entrepreneurship Associate of Applied Science Degree Program

"I think the first thing that made me want to be a part of the doctoral program was the warmth that I felt from all of the people that were visiting in the room from NAU and some of the possible instructors. The cohort model is something I went through with my master's program, so I knew and understood that it was really valuable. The team effort really becomes a part of what defines the success in the cohort model, and it was very well organized. If we had any questions, people were extremely responsive. That continues now."